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Cars & Passenger Vehicles

All Batteries are not created equal!

Century car and passenger vehicle batteries lead the industry in design, performance and reliability. Derived from over 85 years of manufacturing and technical expertise, they incorporate an array of advanced design features and specialist internal components to deliver longer life and superior performance in New Zealand's diverse climate and cool conditions.

The Century car and passenger vehicle portfolio includes a diverse range of of maintainable and maintenance free batteries which exceed demands of the latest generation of vehicles including Idle Stop Start Systems, and Regulated Charge Control systems.

Please select below for information on the extensive range of products available.

Ultra Hi Performance Range

Century Ultra Hi Performance batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and technology. Featuring specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technologies to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver what motorists really want - longer life and superior performance.

Hi Performance Range 

Century Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle batteries are designed to suit our unique conditions. They feature expanded plate designs, calcium / calcium technology and hardwearing internal components to reduce corrosion, gassing and water loss for dependable power and performance when it is needed the most.

Extra Heavy Duty Range

Century Extra Heavy Duty car and passenger vehicle batteries are a range of low maintenance and maintenance free batteries designed to meet the performance and fitment requirements of vehicles with low electrical loads typically manufactured before 1991.

ISS Batteries

A range of cutting edge batteries specifically designed to aid the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in the latest generation of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start (ISS) systems and other intelligent technologies.